Trampoline Valve Adapter

Upon acquiring a used inflatable trampoline from a local business on Wollaston Lake, we were quick to find that there were indeed some reasons why they were willing to replace it. One of the reasons was that it didn’t come with an adapter to inflate, or deflate, the water blimp.

The task was simple, however, it took me two years of frustration to realize that we already had the resources to make something that would resolve the issue.

After gathering the measurements I quickly drafted a simple design that would fit over the existing hose for our shop vac, and, as usual, the first version is always a test to make sure the measurements are good. With the results only needing a few minor adjustments I printed the second version.

Needless to say, we can now inflate the trampoline in less than 4 minutes, whereas it would take close to 10 minutes with our previous method.

As a bonus the adapter fits well on both our shop vac and portable shop vac.