Malk Mate for Maximum Freshness

For the first time this year at the farmer’s market in Coe Hill, our local health department conducted its annual inspection.

Despite not having any farm products to sell, the inspector didn’t find any reason that would force my brother and me to shut down our coffee kiosk except for our milk containers.

Current regulations require vendors to store meat and dairy products at or below 4° C. The health departments suggest we toss the milk after it has been sitting out for two hours which means we’re potentially wasting a product we could otherwise take home for personal consumption. We can store the cartons in a cooler to keep it cold or buy individual milk servings; however, most consumers would do without if they had to take they had to make an effort to change the colour of their hot beverage.

To remedy this inconvenience, I came up with the idea of a portable cooling station to keep the milk at the health departments ideal temperature. Also, I decided to take it one step further and incorporate a modified version of the Tinker Cup so it would monitor the temperature of the carton contents and display the results on a digital display to satisfy the inspector on their next visit.

The Malk Make Mark 2. This project allowed me to create an artistic and practical portable water cooled cady for 500 ml. cartons.

Not much went into the planning stage for version one. The goal was to create an enclosed circulation compartment that would allow for water to flow from one valve to the other within the sleeve. One challenge of doing this was ensuring it wouldn’t leak. Another problem was testing whether the device would fit around the carton – which it didn’t!

Version 2 was a much better design, but when discovering the carton wouldn’t fit the inner portion I had to go back to the drawing board. After resizing the interior dimensions, the results were a catastrophe, and it would’ve taken hours to fix. So, I scraped the design and started again.

The final design focuses more towards artistic design to create an elegant appearance.